Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tim Hudaks Corporate Buddies Stood to Gain $ from Chain Gangs

Good work sniffing out this stinky corporate/gov criminal enterprise Operation Maple!  One of my favorite pages for factual news on issues people really care about....

Tim Hudak’s plan for chain gangs: It finally makes sense!
This is the Key:
The GPS Anklet Monitor:

First: You need a chain gang (won’t be any shortage of these with Harper’s plans for more prisons, right?)


Next: You stick one of these GPS anklets on each one of the inmates and you’re good to go!

Results: It’s very expensive for the taxpayer and doesn’t create jobs BUT that’s okay because someone does benefit.
Who? Tim Hudak’s friend and supporter, Gordon Baker! Yes. Turns out the supplier of the GPS anklet monitor is none other than Gordon Baker, a Director of Jemtech Inc., a major distributor of GPS tracking devices. Baker is also a major donor to Hudak's PC Party, with over $50,000 in personal donations. And he is credited in Tim Hudak's election platform. There's a history between Hudak and Baker/Jemtech. Under the last PC government Jemtech claimed 87% of their business came from sole-sourced deals with the PC government.
“If it goes through, police say communities will be less safe. But Hudak's friends may get lucrative new business.”
Source: Canada NewsWire, Sept 14, 2011

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