Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jamie and Gladys Scott Are Freed!

 As bad as things are here, and however worse they are about to get - they still won't compare to the ridiculous sentences criminalised persons in the US are subjected to.  Here is one story where advocacy and a mothers love was wide ranging, far reaching and effective!  I stop short of calling it a success story because these women lost many years of their lives to a system of class warfare - which targets the most vulnerable with imprisonment.  And because this family is still being targeted for imprisonment.  The cycle of intergenerational criminalisation has not passed the Scotts over.  Visit Mrs. Rasco's (Mother Advocate) blog page to stay up to date and offer support.

On January 7, 2011, Jamie and
Gladys Scott were freed after 16
years of unjust incarceration in
Mississippi. In The Fire Inside #41
and #42, we shared this story of injustice–
sentenced to life, for a 1994
robbery of $11! Jamie has been
seriously ill for many years. Mrs.
Evelyn Rasco, mother of the Scott
sisters, led a powerful advocacy
campaign that was joined by the NAACP and many
other individuals and organizations to demand justice
and freedom for the two sisters.
Gladys was released on condition
that she donates a kidney to her
sister. While Gladys has said often
that she wished to do this, many
eyebrows were raised at Mississippi
Governor Barbour making
this a condition of Gladys’ release
and continued freedom. Only time
will tell if Gladys is an appropriate
donor for Jamie, but the two were
allowed to return to Florida where they are reunited
with their family. Welcome home Jamie and Gladys!

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