Whether we are at risk of arrest, newly arrested, doing time, approaching release, been released, or are trapped in the "revolving door of the justice system", there are services and supports we need and should have.  These include access to education and opportunity, safe and affordable daycare, a living wage for every resident of Canada (like other countries have), affordable housing, fair social services, access to mental health services, and substance use treatment on demand.

This page will list:
  • services and supports which people have recognized a need for amongst the criminalised populations out there and for which they are struggling to introduce
  • services and supports in danger of being de-funded or cancelled
  • and the actions to take or ways for offering support and being involved. 

And Thinking About Creative, Radical, Community-Based Alternatives to Children’s Aid Society Intervention

Next Gathering:
Thursday Feb.21, 1:30 – up to 4:30 p.m.
High Park Library,
228 Roncesvalles Ave., Community Meeting Room
Take the 504 streetcar:
South from Dundas West station, or
North from King St.

A chance to talk openly with like-minded women in a safe space!
(Child-friendly and trans-positive).

The War on Drugs Hurts Families
Stigma, Criminalization, Sexism, Fear, Child Apprehension, Imprisonment, Racism, Isolation, HIV/AIDS, Exclusion, Discrimination, Multi-Generational Trauma….     

"Between the Bars" is a US based prisoner advocacy initiative.  Its a blog which allows prisoners to write in to the producer on the outside and have posts put up.  I've never seen anything quite like it and think its a terrific idea for someone to take up this side of the border.  This particular blog posts actual images of the hand written letters, an archiac form of written communication of which prisoners have no choice, denied computer access as they are.
prisoner-advocacy-and-activism-Trans-gender Issues Inside - Montreal LGBTQ Prisoner Advocacy 


prisoner-advocacy-and-activism - Edmonton Prison for Women Story Book Project 


prisoner-advocacy-and-activism - Prisoner Arts Coalition for US and Canadian programmes

An amazing compilation of arts and education programmes out there.  Worth a look!

Prison(er) Activism - End the Prison Industrial Complex


Symposium on Prison Over Crowding and Human Rights 

Sat, 25 August, 2012 – Sun, 26 August, 2012
University of Ottawa Campus
CCLA Events Calendar
The John Howard Society of Canada In collaboration with the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Centre for Global Challenges, the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, and the National Associations Active in Criminal Justice Presents A one-day Symposium on Prison Crowding and its Implications for Human Rights Objective: To focus attention on the existence of prison crowding in Canada and to explore its legal implications, along with potential remedies. When: Saturday, August 25, 2012 Where: University of Ottawa Campus 
 Symposium will feature panel discussions of experts and practitioners on 1) the evolution of protections and international standards; 2) current conditions in Canadian correctional institutions; 3) current Canadian legal standards; 4) remedies for overcrowding; and 5) representing the inmate as client. Price: $200.00 ($175.00 if registered before June 15, 2012) For further details contact: Howard Bebbington, (613) 728-2018,; or Graham Stewart, (613) 389-1737, To register for the Symposium contact: Mary Lou Howarth, (613) 384-6272,

Prisoner Correspondence Project
The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a collectively-run initiative based out of Montreal, Quebec. It coordinates a direct-correspondence program for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, linking these inmates with people a part of these same communities outside of prison.
We are always looking for new non-incarcerated folks to become penpals! If you are interested, check out the get involved section of the website and then get in touch.


National Anti-Poverty Campaign - Dignity for All - Ottawa Event
 What’s next: How do we Address Poverty in Canada?
Amidst growing public concern about inequality, how can we work together to address this issue for those who feel its effects most, the poorest 10% of Canadians? The evidence and research are in. What sort of meaningful action is needed now at the federal level?
Tenants for Social Housing - Save Toronto Public Housing
Tenants for Social Housing came together earlier this year to stand up for our homes and for social housing in Toronto. We oppose the sale and privatization of our homes, and advocate for a stronger tenant voice in the decision making that affects our lives.

Ontario Housing Benefit
Struggling to introduce.  For low income people who pay more than 30% of their income on housing charges.  This benefit is in place in several other provinces and is made available for working families and those receiving some form of government assistance.
Sign on your support - click the above link!

Ontario Coalition for Accountability Bill 131 
The criminalised often face prosecution on a number of fronts.  When we think of systemic violence and those most often the target of various initiatives under this pervue, most often we think of the police, courts, and prisons.  Less talked about are attacks on the home front.  
I'm talking about 3rd party child protection agencies mandated by provincial governments to implement various programs.  Those most often targeted by the criminal injustice system are also vulnerable to attack at the hands of child "protection" services.  Services, who are subject to even less independent oversight than those within the prison industrial complex.  
For years citizens have attempted to enact legislation allowing Ontario's provincial Ombudsman to have oversight of the so called MUSH sector which includes hospitals, nursing homes, universities and child protection services like the Children's Aid Society (CAS).  Other provincial Ombudsmen already have this power. 
For more information visit the link and consider signing the petition.

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