Saturday, November 17, 2012


Some of you may be aware that I have myself had very recent run-ins with police, courts and jail.  Run-ins which are to be ongoing possibly over Christmas as I wait to find out my fate.  I I have a lot to say about these experiences and the processes of criminalisation, about the political connections around who is targeted, what brings someone to "crack" under pressures of poverty, joblessness, sexism, and classism.  In fact I did some writing while waiting 25 days for bail to be worked out.  And I plan to do more which I will share with readers here once I feel more ready.
In the mean time I want to share a post with you from  a woman (Ann Hansen), who has been directly targeted by the state for her political beliefs and community organising associated with those beliefs.  To my knowledge and understanding it appears that nothing Ann did was actually deemed illegal by the state, rather her actions were made to fit an administrative breach of parole.   Ann has shared some important pieces with us about the very real, practical, and emotional differences made for her through support of friends and professionals.

 Ann Hansen - Account of Political Ogansing and Subsequent Arrest

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