Friday, August 10, 2012

Mainstream Media Mindlessly Regurgitating Mis-information with no Investigation to Speak usual

I sent the below email in frustration to the author of the article linked just below.  It seems to me that many "journalists" are simply repeating info that has been mis-reported on elsewhere in the media without checking facts or interviewing other viewpoints.
Hi A. Mayeda

Good article in Bloomberg

I have wondered though why reporters never seem to counter or even investigate a couple of claims raised repeatedly in the media recently by Toews.

  1. The claim that the Feds have not built even one new prison (skirting the issue since additions/expansions to current prisons are happening all across Canada at both provincial and federal levels to accommodate pre-trial and sentenced prisoners over the next few years as Bill C10 kicks in)

See links On Current/ongoing Prison Expansion


and more currently;

2.   Taking credit where none is due - crime rate dropping cause tough on crime is working?  Ignores 2

      facts.  Crime rate has been dropping year after year since the late 70's, and that much of Bill C10 has 

     yet to even be enacted on the ground - so how could it have had any effect yet one way or the other. 

     Do they really think Canadians are that stupid?

3.   That the services Toews is considering contracting out to private prison profiteers (cleaning, cooking)

      are right now being provided by the prisoners for next to nothing dollar wise.  Further proving the

      profit motive behind the "tough on crime" agenda.  Contracts awarded to conservative cronies.  Not

     one reporter has mentioned that these services are right now being provided at as low a cost to the

     system as we are likely to see.  The profiteers are not going to provide the service at the equivalent of

    $3-4/hr are they?

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