Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The latest 2012 International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA) hosted by Trinidad and Tobago June 13-15 presented some interesting arguments and talks from activists, former prisoners, and scholars attending from all over the world. To view video copies of presentations from the conference see: Video Presentations ICOPA 2012

also see the University of Trinidad and Tobago web page on the conference:

To learn more about ICOPA 2012 and to stay up to date on future conference dates and submission call outs see: http://www.actionicopa.org/

"Ruth Rittenhouse Morris was a Canadian 
activist, scholar, and Quaker. She was at the forefront of the early prison abolition movement, and a founding member of the International Conference on Prison Abolition (ICOPA) which is one of the most prominent abolitionist groups working today."  learn more about Ruth:


Also founded by Ruth was the Toronto based Rittenhouse.  A small one staff member organization mandated to provide the public education on prison and prison abolition.  "Find out more here: http://joanr73.wordpress.com/

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