Sunday, April 8, 2012

3 Weeks Into the C10 Hunger Strike

Obert Modando is one brave soul!  I can't imagine what it must feel like to be without food for 3 weeks, but it must be very painful.  Clearly protecting his freedom and the freedom of all persons on Canadian soil is deeply, intensely important to Obert.  Please see below for Oberts demands to Parliament and law enforcement.  And please take some time to support Obert by spreading his message far and wide, talk about it with those in your life, on facebook, in your blogs, etc.  Maybe stop by Obert's Facebook page and express some words of support.

By Natalia Crowe
Retrieved from

Obert Modando is a Zimbabwe brother who was injured by police during his
arrest at Occupy Ottawa. More info about his demands and his open letter to
Parliament, delivered by MP Paul Dewar, below and at<>

Obert has 5 demands:

1. The Parliament of Canada should repeal the Safe Streets and Communities
Act in its entirety.
2. Former Ottawa Police chief and newly-appointed Senator, Vernon White,
should immediately resign.
3. The federal government should make a commitment to invest 100 times the
cost of monitoring and dismantling Occupy encampments across Canada last
fall to institute a national inquiry into the case of 600+ missing and
murdered aboriginal women and girls.
4. The House of Commons should immediately institute measures to improve
accountability and transparency. The measures should include limitations on
the governing party’s power to a) manipulate Standing Orders; b) evade
opposition scrutiny; c) shut down debate d) silence critics; and e) run
committees behind closed doors and prevent Canadians from participating.
5. The Conservative government must immediately stop its campaign against
Canadians and Canadian democracy. This campaign currently manifests through
a) the criminalization of dissent; b) promotion of a divisive agenda and
attitude; c) whipping up of unnecessary moral panic; and d) using
incendiary labels to stifle debate and criticism on its actions.

Canadian Progressive World:
Obert's Facebook Profile:
Obert on Twitter:!/Obiemad

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