Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Canada's Prison Expansion Plans Well Under Way in Ontario

We could look at this as an opportunity.  While prison building is front and centre on the local landscape and our neighbour's are talking about it, why don't we get out there and provide some factual information?
It's obvious from some of the comments in the Etobicoke article that people really dont know much about jails, who is imprisoned or why.  The women who state that they won't feel unsafe once the prison is open for business must not have realized that there has been a jail in this location since at least the 1970's!  Aside from the fact that no one in that prison will be incarcerated for more than 2 years less a day!  Meaning all those folks they are so terrified of will soon be returned to the community and probably without any effective supports. 
If we could go door to door or set up a community forum for concerned persons, access to factual information around community safety - how it is achieved or as is the current case - rendered less safe could be provided and discussed.